Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OSHA's Top 10 Safety Violations for 2010

In 2010 OSHA issued over 94,000 safety-related citations for violations. OSHA stated that nearly half of the total violations were accounted for by the top 10 safety violations. Not much has changed from the previous year, with the top four (scaffolding, fall protection, hazard communication, and respiratory protection) remaining on top, it still serves as valuable information for employers. Browse through the list and determine whether you have been violating any of the following safety violations.

Top 10 Violations of 2010

10. Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout/Tagout: 3,321 violations - "Lockout-Tag out" refers to locking the on/off power switch while working with high current electrical devices.
9.  Electrical - General: 2,556 violations - Working with electricity is always hazardous. Many employees are injured during routine electrical maintenance and install.
8.  Electrical - Wiring Methods: 3,079 violations - Electrical hazards are present for those who work directly and also indirectly with or near dangerous electrical lines.
7.  Fall Protection: 6,771 violations - Fall protection violations occur whenever a person is 4 feet above the ground without proper safety measures. Fall protection must be provided at four feet in general industry, five feet in maritime and six feet in construction.
6.  Hazard Communication: 6,378 violations - Manufacturers and movers of hazardous materials must evaluate, label, and provide MSDS for each product.
5.  Ladders: 3,072 violations - 8 percent of all occupational fatalities are due to falls.
4.  Machine Guarding: 2,364 violations - Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be labeled and safeguarded.
3.  Powered Industrial Trucks: 2,993 violations - Many employees are injured by driving powered industrial trucks off of loading docks, into ditches or by being struck by trucks while working.
2.  Respiratory Protection: 3,803 violations - Respirators help to protect against unhealthy breathing environments. This can be caused by insufficient oxygen, dust, vapors, gasses, fiberglass and more.
1.  Scaffolding: 9,093 violations - Scaffolding violations and accidents are most commonly attributed to improper use that results in the plank giving way, the employee falling off, or an object falling on top of the person.

That sums up the list of the OSHA’s top 10 violations and their causes.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top 10 Hints Your Cal/OSHA Inspection Is Going Poorly

10. Cal/OSHA sets up shop in your parking lot... in a FEMA trailer.
9. The inspector knows your employees by their first names.
8. You realize that you fired the inspector last year.
7. The inspector begins the opening conference with the words "You have the right to remain silent."
6. The inspector frequently mutters "This is incredible!"

OSHA Training

5. The inspector wears a moon suit while your employees wear jeans and tennis shoes.
4. Cal/OSHA brings in a professional film team to document the inspection. Mike Wallace tags along.
3. The inspector asks about a specific report in your files, but you haven't turned over any files.
2. Your assemblyman sends thanks for your contribution, but won't return your calls.
And the top hint that your inspection is going badly....
Cal/OSHA Chief Len Welsh conducts the closing conference.