Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Be Unsafe | Funny Safety Pictures

Every once in a while you have to do a google search for funny safety pictures.  I have compiled a "Best of the Hilarious and Shockingly Unsafe Pictures".  And now... In no particular order...

#1  Power Tools on Ladder in Pool While Barefoot

This is a personal favorite of mine.  Note the subtle display of alcoholic beverages located in the bottom left.  At least he saw fit to wear protective eye wear.

#2  The Ol' Wood Cutting Near the Genitals Routine

Sometimes you've got to cut wood, and sometimes you've got to do it near where you know it can really do some damage.  You might also want to take your shirts off and have huge beards.

#3 Because Why Not?

Tired of those hot lunch breaks?  Need shade, but want it to be heavier?  You need one of these!!!   The heaviest shade you can get.  It even comes with reluctant guy to help keep your shady area uncrowded.

#4  Power Prop

As you can probably tell, this guy likes working on his truck, but he hates getting his shirt dirty.  I'm thinking 3 seconds later his shirt probably got real dirty.

#5  Tandom Power Ladder for Men

Come on...  I mean, maybe it would be safe enough for one person, but this is too much.  Also,  is that a denim skirt or some real short shorts?  Maybe it's some new couples therapy technique.

#6  Oops!

You probably can't tell by the pictures, but just inside that warehouse is someone saying, "I don't know... I just found it like that..."

#7  Real Dedication

Some people are just that dedicated to the art of gardening.  Though, gas prices are at an all-time low...

#8  The Roof Danglers

What?  They love dangling...  Get over it.

#9  The Danglers Revisited

The Danglers are back!  Only this time they've hired a designated poker guy.  He just sits there and pokes yah', and he's real good at it.

#10  Homemade Ladder's by Henry

I'm assuming they cleared it through OSHA before climbing to the top of that thing.  Then again,  it kind of looks like an amateur design.

Well that does it for this installment of How to Be Unsafe - A Picture Story.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  This is the one time I might say... "Don't get any ideas.

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